Microsoft Access Development

We have years of expertise in dealing with Microsoft Access, producing highly professional Access-based custom database products for small business clients.  Access is an incredibly powerful tool with which it is possible to link other MS Office products, hardware attached to your computer, and the web.  There are thousands of special modules produced by third-party suppliers which can enable Access to perform almost any task imaginable, from communicating with online databases to scanning barcodes.

If you call us in to do custom work for you, we will use our extensive experience in working with small businesses to analyse, adapt and create the business processes which will be captured within the product we create, and then after the product is installed, we will provide ongoing support.  A major advantage to this way of working is that should you realise that improved automation of a given task or process would save you time and money, it is just a matter of calling us and we can adapt your system with the minimum of fuss.

In many cases, we will be able to put the power of our core Contact Management database, Contaxa at the centre of your new system, making additions and adaptions as your require.  This makes development cheaper, gives you a more powerful solution at the end, and speeds the whole process.

Most new custom development is done at a fixed price to make it a realistic and low risk proposition for you.