.Net Development

.Net is Microsoft's new generation platform for application development.  It makes massive advances in blurring the boundary between the web and your desktop machine, in security and in richness and adaptability of user interfaces.  You may be interested in having us do some .Net work for you if you have a need to do some tricky things connecting the web and your office systems.  A common example would be exposing some part of your office database online.  Or maybe you need to have a website do things you weren't even sure a website could do.  One string to our bow is technical web programming.  An example project was to provide a secure online repository for information and documents shared between remote editors of an academic journal.

Alternatively, if you want us to develop an application you want to market, its likely .Net will be the best choice.  And all development on Microsoft's new 'Longhorn' operating system will be based on the .Net environment.