VersaForms Demos

To run these demos you will need to ensure the following:

  • You have the .Net Framework version 1.1 installed on your system: you can download this here.  You should use the General Users link.
  • You are viewing this in Internet Explorer vsn 6 or later
  • You have this site listed under your Trusted Sites. To do this, in an Internet Explorer window, go to Tools menu, choose Internet Options..., in the window which opens, select the Security tab, click on the Trusted Sites green icon, click on the Sites... button which becomes enabled, then type '' into the box marked 'Add the Web site to the zone' then click the Add button and close the Trusted Sites and Internet Options windows by clicking their OK buttons. We certify that the code your computer will download to run the demo is virus free, will leave your system unaltered and will not cause any information to be transmitted from your computer.  If you are concerned about this, do not carry out these instructions to make this a Trusted Site.

  • You can see how VersaForms enables forms to automatically adjust their internal layouts by clicking on one of the example forms below, and resizing the browser window which pops up. The scripts used to generate the examples can be viewed via the links in the right hand column.