Better Efficiency, Closer Control, Improved Customer Experience

All of these can be available to your organisation through improvement and integration of the software that manages it. SMEs commonly suffer wasted effort, delays and lost data through using a mixture of poorly integrated, ad hoc off-the-shelf software solutions. In the past they have not been able to afford proper customisation and integration of information processing found in larger organisations. The aim of Regulus Systems is to change all that.

Regulus Systems will work with the commonest information infrastructure found in a small organisation, Microsoft Office, get the best out of this underused package and adapt it to work with you rather than against you. We have a number of core database applications written in Microsoft Access which can be rapidly customised to your needs. Access can be the glue which allows efficient integration between the functions you need in Outlook, Excel and Word - or if you require more database power we have experience with SQL Server. Additionally, we can program advanced spreadsheets, Word macros and extensions to Outlook as you require.

We are also used to extending the power of MS Office into such realms as barcoding, image capture, scanner interfacing and fingerprint recognition. If you can think of it, we can probably do it.

Through our expertise in Microsoft's new .Net architecture, we can provide functions to help integrate your web presence with your office information systems, whether it be adding easy-to-use forms to your website or presenting information you have in your office database online.

Why not contact us today and start a conversation that could have long term benefits for your organisation, or look further into what we have to offer by following the links on this page.